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The impact of currency collapses (i.e. large nominal depreciations or devaluations) on real output remains unsettled in the empirical macroeconomic literature. This paper provides new empirical evidence on this relationship using a dataset for 108 emerging and developing economies for the period 1960-2006. We examine the impact on output growth, and provide(More)
Living on earth, we are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light as part of the solar radiation. UVB spectrum light exposure contributes to the development of skin cancer by interacting with pyrimidine pairs to create lesions called cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers. If these lesions are not removed by nucleotide excision repair, they often give rise to C to T(More)
The computational aspects of the problem in this paper involve, firstly, selective mapping of methylated DNA clones according to methylation level and, secondly, extracting motif information from all the mapped elements in the absence of prior probability distribution. Our novel implementation of algorithms to map and maximize expectation in this setting(More)
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