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The purpose of this paper is to revisit Hua's matrix equality (and inequality) through the Schur complement. We present Hua's original proof and two new proofs with some extensions of Hua's matrix equality and inequalities. The new proofs use a result concerning Schur complements and a generalization of Sylvester's law of inertia, each of which is useful in(More)
This paper describes recent work undertaken to increase the level of automated scheduling support available to users of NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN). We have adopted a request-driven approach to DSN scheduling, in contrast to the activity-oriented approach used up to now. We describe some of the key constraints and preferences of the DSN scheduling(More)
OBJECTIVE Hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and distractibility are common problems in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Extended-release guanfacine is approved for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder but not well studied in ASD. METHOD In a multisite, randomized clinical trial, extended-release guanfacine was compared with(More)
The distribution, metabolism, excretion and hepatic effects of the human hepatotoxin fenclozic acid were investigated following single oral doses of 10 mg/kg to normal and bile duct-cannulated male C57BL/6J mice. Whole body autoradiography showed distribution into all tissues except the brain, with radioactivity still detectable in blood, kidney and liver(More)
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