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OBJECTIVES This study was done to assess whether a modified "ABC-SBAR" mnemonic (airway, breathing, circulation followed by situation, background, assessment, and recommendation) improves hand-offs by pediatric interns in a simulated critical patient scenario. METHODS Each of 26 interns reviewed a scenario involving a decompensating pediatric patient and(More)
BACKGROUND Critical care rotations involve emotionally unsettling situations with greater frequency and intensity than those that are encountered in other portions of residency training. New approaches are needed to optimize the preparation and professionalism of postgraduate medical trainees when managing crisis management scenarios. METHODS An anonymous(More)
OBJECTIVES Many drugs used in the pediatric intensive care unit are administered "off label," i.e., they have been neither thoroughly tested for efficacy and safety nor approved for use in children. The U.S. Congress has enacted legislation to promote standards and requirements for Food and Drug Administration labeling for drugs used in pediatrics.(More)
OBJECTIVES Children transferred from community hospitals lacking specialized pediatric care are more seriously ill than those presenting to pediatric centers. Pediatric consultation and adherence to management guidelines improve outcomes. The aims of the study were (1) to assess whether telemedicine consultation in critical situations is feasible and (2) to(More)
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