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Nadav Nitzan, Vegetable Forage Crops and Research Unit, USDA-ARS, Prosser, WA 99350; Marc A. Evans, Department of Statistics, Washington State University, Pullman 99164; Tom F. Cummings and Dennis A. Johnson, Department of Plant Pathology, Washington State University, Pullman 99164; Dallas L. Batchelor, Lamb-Weston, Pasco, WA 99301; Chris Olsen, L.J. Olsen,(More)
The article by Walker, H. W. Degrees of Freedom. Journal of Educational Psychology. 31(4) (1940) 253-269, was transcribed from the original by Chris Olsen, George Washington High School, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Chris has made every attempt to reproduce the "look and feel" of the article as well as the article itself, and did not attempt in any way to update the(More)
Spongospora subteranea, the causal agent of potato powdery scab is becoming increasingly important worldwide. Little is known about the genetic basis of resistance to this disease. The present study tested the hypothesis that potato genotypes with stable genetic resistance to “Spongospora root galling” were present in potato germplasm. Root galling index(More)
Most senior citizens in the U.S. use the Internet on a regular basis yet frequently run into basic issues they cannot solve themselves. We conducted contextual inquiry with 6 participants and an online survey with 25 participants to determine the difficulties and frustrations these users face. From the research findings we designed Tipper, a browser-based(More)
In order to meet increasing requirement for low thermal budget oxidation in memory and logic applications, RadOx™, previously known as in-situ steam generation (ISSG) oxidation, processes of low thermal budgets were developed. In this paper, oxides obtained by 700°C soak and 900–1050°C spike RadOx™ processes are presented.(More)
In this work, MOSFET maximum transconductance (gmmax) scaling with gate oxide thickness is discussed. It is shown that gmmax scales with capacitance-extractedthickness (CET) in inversion as α − CET , where 0.7 <α<1.0, which is less than αideal = 1.0. It is demonstrated that this may be partly explained by the non-universality of effective mobility due to(More)
In the AP Statistics syllabus the concepts of probability that are stressed are those that serve the understanding of statistics, and to some extent deviate from the traditional topics presented in high school algebra texts. We would like to briefly discuss some of the concepts of probability that are useful in statistics, and point out differences and(More)
The experimental and theoretical analyses performed in this work provide an insight into the impact of external stress on extended defects that form in silicon after ion implantation. It is shown experimentally that the embedded SiGe source/drain regions help to dissolve the extended defects in the adjacent silicon. The reduced amount of free and clustered(More)
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