Chris N. van Dijk

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Salt bridges are known to play an essential role in the thermodynamic stability of the folded conformation of many proteins, but their influence on the kinetics of folding remains largely unknown. Here, we investigate the effect of Glu-Arg salt bridges on the kinetics of α-helix folding using temperature-jump transient-infrared spectroscopy and steady-state(More)
AIM Experimental determination of the shear stress for punching meniscal tissue. METHODS Meniscectomy (surgical treatment of a lesion of one of the menisci) is the most frequently performed arthroscopic procedure. The performance of a meniscectomy is not optimal with the currently available instruments. To design new instruments, the punching force of(More)
The hydrogenases of Desulfovibrio vulgaris and Megasphaera elsdenii are compared with respect to some of their physical properties. In addition to Fe the only metal ions that are present in significant amounts are Ni and Cu. From cluster extrusion experiments it follows that the D. vulgaris enzyme contains three 4 Fe-4S clusters, while M. elsdenii(More)
The continuum and single jump treatments of ion transport through black lipid membranes predict experimentally distinguishable results, even when the same mechanistic assumptions are made and the same potential-distance profile is used. On the basis of steady-state current-voltage curves for nonactin-mediated transport of potassium ions, we find that the(More)
Here we follow, both experimentally and theoretically, the development of magnetism in Tb clusters from the atomic limit, adding one atom at a time. The exchange interaction is, surprisingly, observed to drastically increase compared to that of bulk, and to exhibit irregular oscillations as a function of the interatomic distance. From electronic structure(More)
The m.c.d. spectrum of the oxidized state of hydrogenase from Megasphaera elsdenii has been measured at liquid-helium temperatures. This oxidation state of the enzyme displays a characteristic rhombic e.p.r. signal with g-values of 2.101, 2.052 and 2.005 assigned previously to a [4Fe-4S]3+ cluster as in oxidized HiPIP (high-potential iron-sulphur protein)(More)
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