Chris Murphy

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Agricultural systems models worldwide are increasingly being used to explore options and solutions for the food security, climate change adaptation and mitigation and carbon trading problem domains. APSIM (Agricultural Production Systems sIMulator) is one such model that continues to be applied and adapted to this challenging research agenda. From its(More)
Articular cartilage enables weight bearing and near friction-free movement in the joints. Critical to its function is the production of a specialized, mechanocompetent extracellular matrix controlled by master regulator transcription factor SOX9. Mutations in SOX9 cause campomelic dysplasia, a haploinsufficiency disorder resulting in severe skeletal defects(More)
ChimeriVax-JE is a live, attenuated vaccine against Japanese encephalitis, using yellow fever (YF) 17D vaccine as a vector. In a double-blind phase 2 trial, 99 adults received vaccine, placebo, or YF 17D vaccine (YF-VAX). ChimeriVax-JE was well tolerated, with no differences in adverse events between treatment groups. Viremias resulting from administration(More)
We present a low-cost stereo vision implementation suitable for use in autonomous vehicle applications and designed with agricultural applications in mind. This implementation utilizes the Census transform algorithm to calculate depth maps from a stereo pair of automotive-grade CMOS cameras. The final prototype utilizes commodity hardware, including a(More)
In this paper we introduce the concept of local label descriptor, which is a concatenation of label histograms for each cell in a patch. Local label descriptors alleviate the label patch misalignment issue in combining structured label predictions for semantic image labeling. Given an input image, we solve for a label map whose local label descriptors can(More)
The order Mononegavirales (comprised of nonsegmented negative-stranded RNA viruses or NNSVs) contains many important pathogens. Parainfluenza virus 5 (PIV5), formerly known as simian virus 5, is a prototypical paramyxovirus and encodes a V protein, which has a cysteine-rich C terminus that is conserved among all paramyxoviruses. The V protein of PIV5, like(More)
We examine the problem of utilizing an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) to collect data from an underwater sensor network. The sensors in the network are equipped with acoustic modems that provide noisy, range-limited communication. The AUV must plan a path that maximizes the information collected while minimizing travel time or fuel expenditure. We(More)
A pathway-specific cell-based screen is described to detect compounds that inhibit the biosynthesis of the cell wall of bacteria. The basis for detection is the discovery that the beta-lactamase gene from Citrobacterfreundii, cloned into Escherichia coli, is induced when cells are exposed to known cell wall inhibitors, and not just beta-lactam-based(More)
microRNAs are a large and essential class of gene regulators that play key roles in development, homeostasis, and disease. They are necessary for normal skeletal development, and their expression is altered in arthritis. However, the specific role of individual microRNAs is only beginning to be unraveled. Using microRNA expression profiling in healthy human(More)