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Persistent holograms are recorded locally with red light in a LiNbO>(3) crystal doped with Mg and Fe. Selective erasure is realized by use of a focused UV sensitizing light. We demonstrate the recording of 50 localized images as well as selective erasure in a 4 mm x 4 mm x 4 mm crystal. A comparison of the total recording time for M holograms obtained with(More)
We experimentally demonstrate and characterize a memory module that features selective page erasure and readout persistence using the localized recording method in doubly doped LiNbO(3). Pages of information can be selectively erased without partially erasing the whole memory. Data pages can be written over erased pages multiple times. Information is read(More)
Water-splitting devices that operate with humid air feeds are an attractive alternative for hydrogen production as the required water input can be obtained directly from ambient air. This article presents a novel proof-of-concept microfluidic platform that makes use of polymeric ion conductor (Nafion®) thin films to absorb water from air and performs the(More)
PURPOSE We propose a feasibility study of new corneal topography technology with the aim of monitoring intraoperative corneal topography during excimer laser photorefractive keratectomy. The PAR system measures corneal topography with single grid projection and triangulation but requires fluorescent fluid to be deposited on the corneal surface for shape(More)
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