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Northern English dialects : a perceptual approach
Perceptual dialectology has the capacity to deliver a great many benefits to the study of language varieties. It also allows examination of the underlying factors in dialect use such as the ‘beliefs,Expand
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The effect of proximity in perceptual dialectology
This article examines the effect of proximity on perceptual dialectological data gathered in Northern Great Britain. It underlines the key effect that proximity has on respondent mental maps ofExpand
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Borders and boundaries in the North of England
This chapter uses data gathered in two perceptual dialectology studies in the North of England to investigate the perception of the North-South divide. The importance of this divide is evident in theExpand
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Geographic information systems and perceptual dialectology: a method for processing draw-a-map data
This article presents a new method for processing data gathered using the “draw-a-map” task in perceptual dialectology (PD) studies. Such tasks produce large numbers of maps containing many linesExpand
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Evaluating S(c)illy voices: The effects of salience, stereotypes, and co-present language variables on real-time reactions to regional speech
Abstract:This article explores the relationship between salience, stereotypes, and cooccurring language variables in the social perception of language. Following previous work, we argue thatExpand
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The Impact of Dysphonic Voices on Healthy Listeners: Listener Reaction Times, Speech Intelligibility, and Listener Comprehension.
Purpose There is currently minimal information on the impact of dysphonia secondary to phonotrauma on listeners. Considering the high incidence of voice disorders with professional voice users, it isExpand
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Mapping Lexical Dialect Variation in British English Using Twitter
We compare the regional patterns found in 139 lexical dialect maps based on a 1.8 billion word corpus of geolocated UK Twitter data and the BBC Voices dialect survey. Expand
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