Chris Manning

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Feature structures are related to frames in artiicial intelligence and to record structures in many programming languages. They are widely used as a data structure for natural language processing and their formalizations often include multiple inheritance and subtyping, which allow for terser descriptions and a logical control over non-determinism during(More)
This paper provides a critical assessment of the Gradual Learning Algorithm (GLA) for probabilistic optimality-theoretic grammars proposed by Boersma and Hayes (2001). After a short introduction to the problem of grammar learning in OT, we discuss the limitations of the standard solution to this problem (the Constraint Demotion Algorithm by Tesar and(More)
Acknowledgements I would like to thank the members of my committee: All have ties to Pitts-burgh, but as we have become separated by time and distance, I appreciate their seeing this project through. Thanks to Rich for bringing me to Pittsburgh in the first place. I am struck by Bob's sharp memory and attention to detail as he has provided numerous(More)
As multi-agent systems research nears the end of its second decade, researchers have moved beyond stand-alone, one-oo systems and have begun to create the software infrastructure for quickly creating new, highly interoperable systems. However, the desire for seamless interoperability (\open" systems) brings with it the push to standardize on agent(More)
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