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The shift of post-genomics towards a systems approach has offered an ever-increasing role for artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. Many disciplines (e.g. engineering, robotics, computer science) bear on the problem of automating the different stages involved in post-genomic research with a view to developing quality assured high-dimensional data. We(More)
In larvae of Anopheles stephensi, DDT resistance of 30 to 40-fold, involving no cross-resistance to pyrethroids, showed fully dominant monofactorial inheritance. The gene, termed DDT, is located 36.6 cross-over units from the morphological mutant, black larvae (Bl), on chromosome III. A polygenic system, which confers a 17-fold reduction in susceptibility(More)
Information ltering and retrieval are rapidly becoming more important as the volume of public-ally available electronically stored information increases. An existing system, Beerud Dilip Sheth's NEWT is implemented and evaluated. Improvements are discussed, implemented and incorporated into a new system, Salamander. Both systems provide personalised(More)
An Italian organophosphate-resistant strain of Culex pipiens (Lucca) was found to be polymorphic for elevated and nonelevated esterases. Selection for high esterase activity produced a strain homozygous for elevated esterases A2 and B2. Selection for low activity produced a strain homozygous for nonelevated esterases, A4i and B1i. Crossing experiments(More)