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to strengthen teaching and research in the field of international economics and closely related disciplines. Its specific objectives are: • to promote individual and group research by scholars within and outside the University of Adelaide • to strengthen undergraduate and postgraduate education in this field • to provide shorter training programs in(More)
This article presents the results of a qualitative study with 49 bus passengers in two types of mid-distance journeys: (1) experience-centric trips (touristic), and (2) utilitarian trips (intercity transportation). Study results show that passenger travel experience encompasses all moments of contact with the transportation service, as well as aspects that(More)
This paper examines the major interest groups in the debate over allowing the wholesale re-importation of prescription drugs through the Pharmaceutical Market Access Act. By making use of the logit model, we see the effects that each of these groups has had on the voting behavior of the 108 th Congress on the bill. We find evidence suggesting that(More)
Due to the condition of the original material, there are unavoidable flaws in this reproduction. We have made every effort possible to provide you with the best copy available. If you are dissatisfied with this product and find it unusable, please contact Document Services as soon as possible. Abstract This is a study into the allocation of resources in the(More)
Public policy requires public support, which in turn implies a need to enable the public not just to understand policy but also to be engaged in its development. Where complex science and technology issues are involved in policy making, this takes time, so it is important to identify emerging issues of this type and prepare engagement plans. In our horizon(More)
OBJECTIVE Peer-delivered services have burgeoned, and evidence of the effectiveness of peer support is increasing. However, the potential benefits to peer support specialists (PSSs) themselves are not as well understood. The authors conducted a survey of PSSs to examine potential benefits. METHODS A survey instrument was developed and refined and sent(More)
Recent events such as the NAFTA and the completion of the Uruguay Round have raised concern over the impact of trade liberalization on the environment. In particular, it is believed that less stringent environmental standards in developing countries will give them a comparative advantage in pollution-intensive goods. Using single equation models, existing(More)