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We present the first fully variational Bayesian inference scheme for continuous Gaussian-process-modulated Poisson processes. Such point processes are used in a variety of domains, including neuroscience, geo-statistics and astronomy , but their use is hindered by the computational cost of existing inference schemes. Our scheme: requires no discretisation(More)
We present an operant system for the detection of pain in awake, conscious rodents. The Orofacial Pain Assessment Device (OPAD) assesses pain behaviors in a more clinically relevant way by not relying on reflex-based measures of nociception. Food fasted, hairless (or shaved) rodents are placed into a Plexiglas chamber which has two Peltier-based thermodes(More)
—Modern applications of data fusion are rarely starved of data but they look more challenging because the data can be diverse (hard and soft), uncertain and ambiguous, and often swamped by irrelevant detail. This paper presents a mathematical framework for dealing with these issues. It manages diverse data by representing it in the common format of a kernel(More)
OBJECTIVES Recovery is an emerging movement in mental health. Evidence for recovery-based approaches is not well developed and approaches to implement recovery-oriented services are not well articulated. The collaborative recovery model (CRM) is presented as a model that assists clinicians to use evidence-based skills with consumers, in a manner consistent(More)
OBJECTIVES Comparatively few people with severe mental illness are employed despite evidence that many people within this group wish to obtain, can obtain and sustain employment, and that employment can contribute to recovery. This investigation aimed to: (i) describe the current policy and service environment within which people with severe mental illness(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to determine whether subjective dimensions of recovery such as empowerment are associated with self-report of more objective indicators such as level of participation in the community and income from employment. A secondary aim was to investigate the extent to which diagnosis or other consumer characteristics mediated any(More)
This paper presents a Bayesian generative model for dependent Cox point processes, alongside an efficient inference scheme which scales as if the point processes were modelled independently. We can handle missing data naturally, infer latent structure, and cope with large numbers of observed processes. A further novel contribution enables the model to work(More)
The expression of artemin (ARTN), a glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) family ligand, increases in pre-clinical models of nociception and recent evidence suggests this growth factor may play a causative role in inflammatory pain mechanisms. The aim of this study was to demonstrate functional inhibition of ARTN with monoclonal antibodies and(More)
BACKGROUND This study investigated the extent to which occupational therapists and social workers employed in Australian mental health settings are affected by burnout. METHOD Questionnaires were sent to occupational therapists and social workers who had indicated that they were interested in participating in the study. An overall response rate of 76.6%(More)