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One of the key factors limiting the use of neural networks in many industrial applications has been the diiculty of demonstrating that a trained network will continue to generate reliable outputs once it is in routine use. An important potential source of errors arises from novel input data, that is input data which diier signiicantly from the data used to(More)
BACKGROUND Previous systems for dot (signal) counting in fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) images have relied on an auto-focusing method for obtaining a clearly defined image. Because signals are distributed in three dimensions within the nucleus and artifacts such as debris and background fluorescence can attract the focusing method, valid signals(More)
We investigate the dependence of Bayesian error bars on the distribution of data in input space. For generalized linear regression models we derive an upper bound on the error bars which shows that, in the neighbourhood of the data points, the error bars are substantially reduced from their prior values. For regions of high data density we also show that(More)
In probabilistic approaches to mobile robot navigation, the development of measurement models plays a crucial role as it directly influences the efficiency and the robustness of the robot's performance in a great variety of tasks including localization, tracking, and map building [1]. Among the most popular types of sensors used are range finders, which(More)
Kinematic models are commonly used to quantify foot and ankle kinematics, yet no marker sets or models have been proven reliable or accurate when wearing shoes. Further, the minimal detectable difference of a developed model is often not reported. We present a kinematic model that is reliable, accurate and sensitive to describe the kinematics of the(More)
The objective quantification of three-dimensional kinematics during different functional and occupational tasks is now more in demand than ever. The introduction of new generation of low-cost passive motion capture systems from a number of manufacturers has made this technology accessible for teaching, clinical practice and in small/medium industry. Despite(More)
To investigate in-shoe foot kinematics, holes are often cut in the shoe upper to allow markers to be placed on the skin surface. However, there is currently a lack of understanding as to what is an appropriate size. This study aimed to demonstrate a method to assess whether different diameter holes were large enough to allow free motion of marker wands(More)
Image interpolation and denoising are important techniques in image processing. These methods are inherent to digital image acquisition as most digital cameras are composed of a 2D grid of heterogeneous imaging sensors. Current polarization imaging employ four different pixelated polarization filters, commonly referred to as division of focal plane(More)