Chris Longhurst

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OBJECTIVE To determine whether implementation of an alphanumeric-paging system would improve physician work environment. DESIGN Surveys were distributed to all general surgery residents, faculty, and nurses before and after implementation of an alphanumeric-paging system. Housestaff also kept a detailed log of paging activity before and after the(More)
BACKGROUND Pollen beetle (Meligethes spp.) is a major pest of European oilseed rape crops. Its resistance to pyrethroid insecticides has been recorded in samples of beetles collected in Europe since at least 1999, and problems with the control of the beetle in the field have been widely reported. In 2007, a Pollen Beetle Working Group was formed through the(More)
SUMMARY Quinoxyfen is a protectant fungicide which controls powdery mildew diseases by interfering with germination and/or appressorium formation. Mutants of barley powdery mildew, Blumeria graminis f.sp. hordei, which are resistant to quinoxyfen produce fewer conidia, which germinate and form appressoria more promiscuously than do the prolific numbers of(More)
Wheat powdery mildew, Blumeria (= Erysiphe) graminis DC f sp tritici Marschal is one of the most important foliar diseases of cereals in Europe, and has shown a high potential for adaptability in sensitivity towards modern fungicides during the last 20 years. Quinoxyfen is a surface-mobile fungicide from a new chemical class that has been commercially used(More)