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Our study used live telephone conversations between domestic violence perpetrators and victims to answer novel questions about how and why victims arrive at their decision to recant and/or refuse prosecution efforts. From October 2008 to June 2011, we conducted a qualitative study involving 25 heterosexual couples, where the male perpetrator was being held(More)
One of the largest oil spills in world history happened off the Alabama Gulf coast in April of 2010. One year later the Gulf Coast community was still trying to recover and reestablish itself as a major source for the shipping, tourism, fishing and energy industries. Although this disaster did not physically destroy communities and families, it did take an(More)
There is a technological need for hard thin films with high elastic modulus and fracture toughness. Silicon carbide (SiC) fulfills such requirements for a variety of applications at high temperatures and for high-wear MEMS. A detailed study of the mechanical properties of single crystal and polycrystalline 3C-SiC films grown on Si substrates was performed(More)
Having superior mechanical properties, 3C-SiC is one of the target materials for power MEMS applications. Growing 3C-SiC films on Si is challenging, as there is a large mismatch in lattice parameter and thermal expansion between the SiC film and the Si substrate that needs to be accommodated, and results in high residual stress. Residual stress control is(More)
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