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In this thesis, we describe a statistical method for 3D object detection. In this method, we decompose the 3D geometry of each object into a small number of viewpoints. For each viewpoint, we construct a decision rule that determines if the object is present at that specific orientation. Each decision rule uses the statistics of both object appearance and(More)
Quantum information theory is concerned with identifying how quantum mechanical resources (such as entangled quantum states) can be utilized for a number of information processing tasks, including data storage, computation, communication, and cryptography. Efficient quantum algorithms and protocols have been developed for performing some tasks (e.g.,(More)
The likelihood of a crash or crash potential is significantly affected by short-term turbulence of traffic flow. For this reason, crash potential must be estimated on a real-time basis by monitoring the current traffic condition. In this regard, a probabilistic real-time crash prediction model relating crash potential to various traffic flow characteristics(More)
February 2005 | Volume 3 | Issue 2 | e59 The excitement of scientifi c research and discovery cannot be fully conveyed by didactic lectures alone. Several recent initiatives and proposals, therefore, have supported a more participatory, discovery-based instruction for undergraduate science education [1,2]. In functional genomics, we have found an ideal(More)
ly, kernel-level rootkits are similar to user-level rootkits. They replace known good state with malicious state. However, the details of kernel-level rootkits are much more complicated than user-level rootkits. Kernel-level rootkits modify running kernel code, which can drastically effect the stability of the system. Previously seen rootkits will modify(More)
In early 2006 we implemented a series of comparative silvicultural treatments aimed at managing the spread of Phytophthora ramorum Werres, de Cock & Man in’t Veld by reducing inoculum densities in isolated infestations on one public and three private properties in southern Humboldt County. These treatments, which took place on over 56 forested ha, are the(More)
When given the task of securing a network, security analysts and network administrators typically face large volumes of security data that demand analysis. Selectively mapping elements of these flows to carefully crafted graphical displays can provide rapid insights while, at the same time, actively countering information overload. To this end, we present a(More)
Using a large consortium of undergraduate students in an organized program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), we have undertaken a functional genomic screen in the Drosophila eye. In addition to the educational value of discovery-based learning, this article presents the first comprehensive genomewide analysis of essential genes involved(More)
For quite some time, people have been concerned about the possible impacts of Sudden Oak Death on wildland fire behavior, suppression, and impacts. Caused by the non‐native pathogen Phytophthora ramorum, this lethal disease of tanoaks, coast live oak, California black oak, Shreve oak, and canyon live oak has killed over a million trees in coastal California(More)