Chris Lee

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The likelihood of a crash or crash potential is significantly affected by short-term turbulence of traffic flow. For this reason, crash potential must be estimated on a real-time basis by monitoring the current traffic condition. In this regard, a probabilistic real-time crash prediction model relating crash potential to various traffic flow characteristics(More)
To my sister Susan Nadine Grizzard – A truly amazing person ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Most importantly, I would like to deeply thank my advisor Dr. Henry Owen for his unparalleled brilliance and excellent guidance. His continuous encouragement and unwavering support have been of tremendous value to me. I would also like to thank my committee members Dr. Their(More)
Optical refrigeration has been demonstrated by several groups of researchers, but the cooling elements have not been thermally linked to realistic heat loads in ways that achieve the desired temperatures. The ideal thermal link will have minimal surface area, provide complete optical isolation for the load, and possess high thermal conductivity. We have(More)
Existing scientific workflow tools, created by computer scientists, require that domain scientists meticulously design their multi-step experiments before analyzing data. However, this is oftentimes contradictory to a domain scientist's routine of conducting research and exploration. This paper presents a novel way to resolve this dispute, in the context of(More)
Absorber is an important component in various optical devices. Here we report a novel type of asymmetric absorber in the visible and near-infrared spectrum which is based on lossy Bragg stacks. The lossy Bragg stacks can achieve near-perfect absorption at one side and high reflection at the other within the narrow bands (several nm) of resonance(More)