Chris L. Nelson

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The difficulties involved in quantitating passive cutaneous anaphylaxis led us to examine the rat paw as a site for passive anaphylaxis and to define optimum conditions for passive paw anaphylaxis. Generation of homocytotropic antibodies in a number of different rat strains revealed that female Brown Norway rats were excellent producers of high titre(More)
PURPOSE Accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) has gained popularity as an alternative to adjuvant whole breast irradiation; however, owing to limitations of delivery devices for brachytherapy, APBI has not been a suitable option for all the patients. This report evaluates APBI using the strut-adjusted volume implant (SAVI) single-entry catheter to(More)
Figure drawings ranging from very thin to heavy (Stunkard, Sorenson, & Schulsinger, 1980) were utilized to assess body-image perception in a group of women with bulimia nervosa, a group classified as restrained eaters, and a non-eating-disordered group of women. Participants were asked to choose the figures that most resembled their current figure, their(More)
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