Chris L.K. Burton

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Vocal characteristics of pygmy blue whales of the eastern Indian Ocean population were analyzed using data from a hydroacoustic station deployed off Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia as part of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty monitoring network, from two acoustic observatories of the Australian Integrated Marine Observing System, and from(More)
A group of Western Australian researchers has been studying the presence of blue whales, presumed to be primarily pygmy blue whales, Balaenoptera musculus brevicauda, in the Perth Canyon area west of Fremantle, WA, from summer 1999-2000 to summer 2003-2004. The Canyon lies within a larger area of importance to the Australian Navy, the Western Australian(More)
Through January-April 2000 research was carried out off the Rottnest trench to search for blue or pygmy blue whales. A consortium of researchers carried out aerial surveys, boat surveys and acoustical measures. Historical records led us to believe that a Western Australian population of pygmy blue whales (Balaenopteridae musculus brevicauda, sub species of(More)
BACKGROUND Routinely conducting case finding (also commonly referred to as screening) in patients with chronic illness for depression in primary care appears to have little impact. We explored the views and experiences of primary care nurses, doctors and managers to understand how the implementation of case finding/screening might impact on its(More)
BACKGROUND Complex systems have specific properties of robustness and self organisation which arise from interacting components within the overall system and which govern the system's behaviour. These are typically associated with a power law distribution of event sizes. Commentators have suggested that health systems are complex, but there has been limited(More)
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