Chris L. Farmer

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This paper proposes a hierarchical nonlinear approximation scheme for scalar-valued multivariate functions, where the main objective is to obtain an accurate approximation with using only very few function evaluations. To this end, our iterative method combines at any refinement step the selection of suitable evaluation points with kriging, a standard(More)
We present a branch and bound algorithm for the global optimization of a twice differentiable nonconvex objective function with a Lipschitz continuous Hessian over a compact , convex set. The algorithm is based on applying cubic regularisation techniques to the objective function within an overlapping branch and bound algorithm for convex constrained global(More)
The bacterial core genome is of intense interest and the volume of whole genome sequence data in the public domain available to investigate it has increased dramatically. The aim of our study was to develop a model to estimate the bacterial core genome from next-generation whole genome sequencing data and use this model to identify novel genes associated(More)
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