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Although High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging has been the subject of significant research over the past fifteen years, the goal of acquiring cinema-quality HDR images of fast-moving scenes using available components has not yet been achieved. In this work, we present an optical architecture for HDR imaging that allows simultaneous capture of high, medium, and(More)
Tone Mapping of HDR Images has been studied extensively since the introduction of digital HDR capture methods. However, until recently HDR video has not been realized in a viable form as that given by Tocci et al.[1], which will lead to readily available HDR video cameras. Because they capture video with much broader dynamic range than can currently be(More)
Genes for the blue copper proteins Populus nigra var. italica plastocyanin and Pseudomonas aeruginosa azurin have been constructed by a stepwise procedure. The leader sequence for azurin has been placed before the genes directing plastocyanin and azurin transport to the periplasmic space when the genes are expressed in Escherichia coli. Site-saturation(More)
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