Chris Kendall

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Carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) is a simple and inexpensive tool to assess the cumulative effect of atherosclerotic risk factors and is an independent predictor of future cardiovascular risk. CIMT is commonly used as a surrogate end point in research trials as a marker of atherosclerosis. However, new software programs have made CIMT a clinically(More)
This paper presents a clinically orientated illustration of the doctrine of double effect. The case of an elderly gentleman with advanced cancer is discussed, with particular emphasis on two dilemmas encountered during the terminal phase of his illness. The author describes how the doctrine of double effect was applied to help the team make some complex(More)
Limits for the control of particulate contamination in large volume parenteral solutions and metered-dose aerosols are discussed. It is suggested that is would be desirable to use limits based on measurement of both mean and the standard deviation of the particle counts obtained for each of the containers tested. Use of the statistic ST, assuming a target(More)
Present pharmacopoeial requirements for uniformity of content of tablets and capsules are based on tests by attributes. A test for uniformity of content based on the root mean square deviation about target (ST) is more reliable than the pharmacopoeial tests and has the added convenience of using a single statistic to control both the mean content and the(More)
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