Chris Johnson

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Of the seven sea turtle species, the critically endangered leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) exhibits the lowest and most variable nest success (i.e., hatching success and emergence success) for reasons that remain largely unknown. In an attempt to identify or rule out causes of low reproductive success in this species, we established the(More)
Pictures of emotionally aversive, neutral, and pleasant scenes were presented for 500 ms, followed by a probe presented in the same location (valid trials) or an alternate location (invalid trials) as the picture. Response-times to the probes were recorded in low (N=20) and high (N=27) trait anxious participants. Results revealed an overall negative cue(More)
BACKGROUND Perioperative respiratory adverse events in children are one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality during paediatric anaesthesia. We aimed to identify associations between family history, anaesthesia management, and occurrence of perioperative respiratory adverse events. METHODS We prospectively included all children who had general(More)
STUDY DESIGN A computer-aided design analysis. OBJECTIVES To introduce the concept of volumetric spinal canal intrusion and report the relative intrusion volumes for thoracic pedicle screws compared to thoracic laminar and pedicle hooks. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Thoracic pedicle screws are being used more frequently; however, there is concern about(More)
Acetazolamide (ACZ) administration was compared on ventilation in outbred male ICR Swiss Webster (ICR) and inbred C57BL/6J (C57) mice, used in development of transgenic strains. We hypothesized that in both strains ACZ would affect breathing similarly. Mice received intraperitoneally vehicle and the next week ACZ (40 mg/kg), and were exposed to air for 90(More)
Posteromedial and posterolateral reconstructions of the knee are frequently required in the management of knee dislocations. This study compares the accuracy of radiographic reference points to established anatomical landmarks in reproducing the isometric points of the posteromedial corner and posterolateral corner (PLC) of the knee. Posteromedial and(More)
BACKGROUND Human babesiosis, caused by intraerythrocytic protozoan parasites, can be an asymptomatic or mild-to-severe disease that may be fatal. The study objective was to assess babesiosis occurrence among the U.S. elderly Medicare beneficiaries, ages 65 and older, during 2006-2013. METHODS Our retrospective claims-based study utilized large Medicare(More)
We have created the Neurostimulation Uncertainty Viewer (nuView or νView) tool for exploring data arising from deep brain stimulation (DBS). Simulated volume of tissue activated (VTA), using clinical electrode placements, are recorded along with patient outcomes in the Unified Parkinson's disease rating scale (UPDRS). The data is volumetric and sparse, with(More)