Chris Jenkins

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In this study, we characterized nuclear factor kappaB (NF-kappaB) subunit DNA binding in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) samples and demonstrated heterogeneity in basal and inducible NF-kappaB. However, all cases showed higher basal NF-kappaB than normal B cells. Subunit analysis revealed DNA binding of p50, Rel A, and c-Rel in primary CLL cells, and Rel(More)
Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) is a neoplastic condition of B cells which commonly affects the lymph nodes, liver, spleen and bone marrow. Leukaemic involvement of the kidney is also relatively common in CLL, but characteristically is not associated with renal impairment. Our report describes a patient who developed acute renal failure as the initial(More)
PURPOSE To identify the maximum-tolerated dose (MTD) and to evaluate the antileukemic activity of tosedostat (formerly CHR-2797), an orally bioavailable aminopeptidase inhibitor. PATIENTS AND METHODS In phase I, the MTD of once daily oral doses of tosedostat in hematologic malignancies was defined. In phase II, the therapeutic activity of the(More)
Escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin (Etx) is an oral adjuvant in mice. We show that this is also true for rats. To understand this adjuvant activity we examined lymph dendritic cells (DC) migrating from the intestine to mesenteric lymph nodes (MLN) in animals fed Etx. These DC can prime antigen-specific antibody responses. We show that in rats the(More)
The EUNIS (European Union Nature Information System) habitat classification system aims to provide a common European reference set of habitat types within a hierarchical classification, and to cover all terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats of Europe. The classification facilitates reporting of habitat data in a comparable manner, for use in nature(More)
We examine in detail the seafloor and cross-sectional morphology of sorted bedforms (i.e., ‘‘rippled scour depressions’’) in the Martha’s Vineyard Coastal Observatory (MVCO). Sorted bedforms are seen as alternating bands of coarse and fine sands oriented nearly perpendicular to the shoreline. The coarse sand zones (CSZs) of the sorted bedforms are tens to(More)
PURPOSE We have recently shown that the novel nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kappaB) inhibitor LC-1 is effective in primary chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) cells. Here we elucidated the mechanism of action of LC-1, evaluated its relative cytotoxicity in prognostic subsets, and investigated its potential synergistic interaction with fludarabine. EXPERIMENTAL(More)
Dear Editor, We report a case of steroid refractory human immune deficiency virus-related immune thrombocytopenic purpura (HIV-TP) successfully treated with single dose of intravenous Anti-Rh (Anti D). Although anti-retroviral treatment is the preferred first option in this situation, we treated him with steroids and, subsequently, with Anti D partly(More)
Male Siamese fighting fish displayed and respirated from the surface more frequently in water containing secretions collected from non-displaying male conspecifics than they did in clean water. Secretions collected from males given the opportunity to display to a mirror for 16, 30, or 45 min. did not affect display activity. However, secretions collected(More)
γδ T cells represent an unconventional subset of T lymphocytes that are abundant in epithelial tissues and serve as an early immune defense against microbes. We have, for the first time, identified γδ T cells in steady-state thoracic duct lymph (TDL) from rats. The lymph contains γδ T cells expressing CD8 but not CD4, CD25, MHC-II or CD103. The percentage(More)