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Recently, graphics hardware architectures have begun to emphasize versatility, offering rich new ways to programmatically reconfigure the graphics pipeline. In this paper, we explore whether current graphics architectures can be applied to problems where general-purpose vector processors might traditionally be used. We develop a programming framework and(More)
Contributors: GL initiated the ecological and cohort studies, formulated the study aims, designed the layouts, organised the data collection, and participated in the statistical analysis and interpretation of results and in writing the paper. KB participated in collecting and interpreting results for the cohort study. JR participated in the statistical(More)
The relationship between thirst perception and plasma osmolality was studied during hypertonic and physiological saline infusion in ten healthy volunteers. Thirst perception was quantified using a linear visual analogue scale which volunteers marked at intervals during the infusion periods. Infusion of hypertonic saline caused a steady rise in plasma(More)
CONTEXT Familial isolated pituitary adenoma (FIPA) due to aryl hydrocarbon receptor interacting protein (AIP) gene mutations is an autosomal dominant disease with incomplete penetrance. Clinical screening of apparently unaffected AIP mutation (AIPmut) carriers could identify previously unrecognized disease. OBJECTIVE To determine the AIP mutational status(More)
We have studied the reproducibility of the thirst and arginine vasopressin (AVP) responses to osmotic and hypoglycemic stimulation in healthy volunteers undergoing repeat hypertonic (855 mmol/l) saline infusion and insulin tolerance tests (ITTs). Hypertonic saline infusion caused similar mean rises in plasma osmolality, AVP, and thirst on each occasion.(More)
CONTEXT Pituitary adenomas and pheochromocytomas/paragangliomas (pheo/PGL) can occur in the same patient or in the same family. Coexistence of the two diseases could be due to either a common pathogenic mechanism or a coincidence. OBJECTIVE The objective of the investigation was to study the possible coexistence of pituitary adenoma and pheo/PGL. DESIGN(More)
It is not usually possible to cure lymphoedema but an active and enthusiastic approach can achieve great benefit. Most patients require only conservative treatment but if this is rigorously applied the results can be good. A short period oftreatment in hospital using a Lymphapress can alter the patient's perception of the leg and engender enthusiasm for(More)
The aryl hydrocarbon receptor interacting protein (AIP) founder mutation R304* (or p.R304* ; NM_003977.3:c.910C>T, p.Arg304Ter) identified in Northern Ireland (NI) predisposes to acromegaly/gigantism; its population health impact remains unexplored. We measured R304* carrier frequency in 936 Mid Ulster, 1,000 Greater Belfast (both in NI) and 2,094 Republic(More)
A 45-year-old man, with a 10-year history of manic depression treated with lithium, was admitted with hyperosmolar, nonketotic coma. He gave a five-year history of polyuria and polydipsia, during which time urinalysis had been negative for glucose. After recovery from hyperglycaemia, he remained polyuric despite normal blood glucose concentrations; water(More)