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We present a paleolatitudinal precipitation reconstruction for the greenhouse setting of mid-latitude North America based on the oxygen isotopic composition of sphaerosiderites found in middle Cretaceous wetland paleosols. Our reconstructed middle Cretaceous ␦ 18 O values of precipitation are ϳ4‰ less than values from comparable modern low-elevation coastal(More)
Introduction Conclusions References Tables Figures ◭ ◮ ◭ ◮ Back Close Full Screen / Esc Abstract Introduction Conclusions References Tables Figures ◭ ◮ ◭ ◮ Back Close Full Screen / Esc Abstract Pleistocene benthic δ 18 O records exhibit strong spectral power at ∼41 kyr, indicating that global ice volume has been modulated by Earth's axial tilt. This(More)
The NOMAD experiment is currently collecting data at the CERN SPS. The detector is now being completed, as speciied in the original proposal, and has been further improved. All subdetectors are functioning well. The experiment is searching for ! neutrino oscillations and is sensitive to the mass diierence squared m 2 > 0:7 eV 2. Maximal sensitivity with(More)
[1] Proxy data constraining land and ocean surface paleo-temperatures indicate that the Middle Miocene Climate Optimum (MMCO), a global warming event at $15 Ma, had a global annual mean surface temperature of 18.4°C, about 3°C higher than present and equivalent to the warming predicted for the next century. We apply the latest National Center for(More)
The late Paleozoic earth experienced alternation between glacial and non-glacial climates at multiple temporal scales, accompanied by atmospheric CO2 fluctuations and global warming intervals, often attended by significant vegetational changes in equatorial latitudes of Pangaea. We assess the nature of climate-vegetation interaction during two time(More)
(770); f 0 (980) and f 2 (1270) mesons in charged current interactions. 2 The inclusive production of the meson resonances 0 (770), f 0 (980) and f 2 (1270) in neutrino-nucleus charged current interactions has been studied with the NOMAD detector exposed to the wide band neutrino beam generated by 450 GeV protons at the CERN SPS. For the first time the f 0(More)
We report the rst precision measurements of the scaled momentum, the charge multi-plicity, and the thrust of hadronic jets in the Breit frame in Deep Inelastic Scattering N and N charged current events over the Q 2 range from 1 to 100 GeV 2. The neutrino data, obtained in the NOMAD experiment at the CERN SPS, extend the Q 2-evolution of these parameters by(More)