Chris J Merry

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The mandate of ASA Working Group S12/WG11 has been to develop "laboratory and/or field procedure(s) that yield useful estimates of field performance" of hearing protection devices (HPDs). A real-ear attenuation at threshold procedure was selected, devised, tested via an interlaboratory study, and incorporated into a draft standard that was approved in 1997(More)
The relative hazard posed to the peripheral auditory system by impact/impulse and continuous noise of the same power spectrum was determined. Impact noise was generated by striking a nail with a hammer and was digitally recorded. The acoustical power spectrum of the impact was determined and pink noise was filtered to produce a continuous noise stimulus(More)
BACKGROUND Medical and legal published work regularly discusses informed consent and patient autonomy before medical interventions. Recent discussions have suggested that Cardiothoracic surgeons' risk adjusted mortality data should be published to facilitate the informed consent process. However, as to which aspects of medicine, procedures and the(More)
During a 12-month period ending on November 30, 1988, all ambulance arrivals at a pediatric emergency department (ED), all prehospital communications with this ED, all first-responder ambulance runs on Oahu and the state of Hawaii, and all neonatal/pediatric interhospital transports were examined to evaluate pediatric prehospital care. Handicapped patients(More)
OBJECTIVE The aims of this study were first to analyze neurocognitive outcomes of patients after open-chamber cardiac surgery to determine whether carbon dioxide pericardial insufflation reduces incidence of neurocognitive decline (primary end point) as measured 6 weeks postoperatively and second to assess the utility of carbon dioxide insufflation in(More)
Realistically evaluating the effectiveness of hearing protectors continues to be a major problem in hearing conservation. The purpose of this study was to examine a laboratory-based fitting procedure (User Fit) that was designed to yield hearing protector attenuation values similar to that derived from field studies. Ten subjects who were naive to hearing(More)
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