Chris J Kenyon

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Today Grid technology is finding its way out of the academic incubator and into commercial environments. The interest in on-demand utility computing is larger then ever before in the industry and Grid tools are seen as an important enabler of this business model. The process of Grid commercialization inevitably brings financial issues to the fore. When(More)
BACKGROUND The uptake of HIV testing and counselling services remains low in risk groups around the world. Fear of stigmatisation, discrimination and breach of confidentiality results in low service usage among risk groups. HIV self-testing (HST) is a confidential HIV testing option that enables people to find out their status in the privacy of their homes.(More)
WNK1 and WNK4 are unusual serine/threonine kinases with atypical positioning of the catalytic active-site lysine (WNK: With-No-K[lysine]). Mutations in these WNK kinase genes can cause familial hyperkalemic hypertension (FHHt), an autosomal dominant, hypertensive, hyperkalemic disorder, implicating this novel WNK pathway in normal regulation of BP and(More)
Sharing IT resources within and among organizations is an attractive value proposition in terms of efficiency and flexibility, but despite this, commercial practice is limited. In contrast, financial and commodity markets have proved very successful at dynamic allocation of different resource types to many different organizations. Thus to understand how the(More)
Heart failure has not been described in the setting of TB-immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS). We describe a case of cardiogenic shock in the setting of TB-IRIS four weeks after commencement of antiretroviral therapy. Possible aetiologies and pathophysiology as well as suggested diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to this problem are(More)
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