Chris J Kafonek

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Bisphosphonates are extremely hydrophilic and structurally similar to many endogenous phosphorylated compounds, making their selective extraction from serum or urine very challenging. Many bisphosphonates lack strong chromophores for sensitive UV or fluorescence detection. We report here the first general approach to enable sensitive and selective(More)
The peptide hormone glucagon plays an important role in homeostasis of glucose concentrations in the blood. Its biological importance is evidenced through the conservation of its peptide sequence between species. Reliable assays for glucagon in biological samples are important for gaining a better understanding of the pathology and treatment of diabetes.(More)
Bisphosphonate drugs pose significant challenges for bioanalysis due to various complicating factors. In 2006, a novel approach, utilizing 'on-column' derivatization with diazomethane, was reported that revolutionized the application of liquid-chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry to bisphosphonates bioanalysis. The methodology enables superior biological(More)
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