Chris J. Daborn

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A study was conducted in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania to determine the prevalence of bovine tuberculosis and the risk factors associated with the occurrence of the disease in cattle of different categories and in different climatic zones. The overall prevalence of the disease was 13.2%, and 51% of the herds tested contained reactor cattle. Assessment(More)
A study to determine the secretion of Mycobacterium spp. in milk from indigenous cattle was carried out in pastoral cattle reared in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. The study was aimed at elucidating the dangers associated with milk-borne zoonoses in a society where milk is normally consumed raw. Out of 805 milk samples, 31 (3.9%) were positive for(More)
Zoonoses are infections naturally transmitted between vertebrate animals and humans. An exploratory questionnaire-based survey of animal health workers(n=36) and livestock keepers(n=43) was carried out from April 2001 to March 2002 in Tanga and Arusha regions, northern Tanzania, to assess local knowledge, attitudes and public awareness for animal zoonoses.(More)
The first recorded outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in northern Malawi occurred in the Songwe Valley during August 1957. There have been 5 subsequent outbreaks in this area the last occurring in September 1975. Virus types O, A, SAT I and SAT II have been isolated to date. The River Songwe lies 9°S of the Equator bordering Malawi to the south and(More)
y la edad a la primera monta de los machos fue de 6-5 y 7.4 meses (P < 0-05). No hubo tma estaeirn del afio definida para la parieibn. La mortalidad antes del destete se estim6 eta 22% para los ecrdos locales yen 15% para los cruces. Casi todos los eerdos praetiean monta eontrolada, eta donde la hembra r llevada al macho, o el macho a la hembra. La(More)
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