Chris J.C. Johnston

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This study examined the attractiveness of facial profiles. One hundred and two social science students (28 males and 74 females) rated the attractiveness of a series of silhouettes with normal, Class II or Class III profiles. A random sequence of 10 images included an image with the Eastman normal SNB value of 78 degrees, and images with SNB values of 2.5,(More)
This study examined the influence of maxillary gingival display on the attractiveness ratings awarded by lay people. One hundred and twenty university students (94 females, 26 males) were shown seven photographs of a male and seven photographs of a female subject, each with varying levels of gingival display ranging from -2 to +4 mm. Attractiveness ratings(More)
Current immunosuppression regimens for solid-organ transplantation have shown disappointing efficacy in the prevention of chronic allograft rejection and carry unacceptable risks including toxicity, neoplasia, and life-threatening infection. Achievement of immunological tolerance (long-term antigen unresponsiveness in an immunocompetent host) presents the(More)
Experiments were performed with prototype antenna tiles for the Mileura Widefield Array–Low Frequency Demonstrator (MWA–LFD) to better understand the widefield, wideband properties of their design and to characterize the radio frequency interference (RFI) between 80 and 300 MHz at the site in Western Australia. Observations acquired during the six month(More)
The TGF-β superfamily is an ancient metazoan protein class which cuts across cell and tissue differentiation, developmental biology and immunology. Its many members are regulated at multiple levels from intricate control of gene transcription, post-translational processing and activation, and signaling through overlapping receptor structures and downstream(More)
BACKGROUND Helminths infect more than a quarter of the world's population. Their success as parasites is the result of active immunomodulation of the host immune response, which can have benefits for the host, particularly in suppressing harmful allergic and autoimmune responses. Accordingly, we tested the hypothesis that helminth infection reduces the(More)
Introduction The interactive generation and rendering of procedurally synthesized terrain is an interesting, useful, and still largely unsolved problem. In this paper, we present a terrain rendering program that incrementally generates the terrain at interactive rates. In the scope of computer graphics there are many examples of terrain centric software(More)
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