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Low doses of mitotane were given orally to 36 patients with Cushing's disease, concurrently with or after pituitary cobalt irradiation. Clinical and biochemical remission occurred in 29. The response to treatment occurred early in 17 patients and late in 12. The different pattern of response to mitotane was not related to the dose given or to its serum(More)
www.bhiva.org 1 GUIDELINES FOR LIVER TRANSPLANTATION IN PATIENTS WITH HIV INFECTION April 2005 John O’Grady, Chris Taylor, Edited by Gary Brook Written on behalf of the British HIV Association and The UK and Ireland Liver Transplantation Centres and reviewed and endorsed by British Transplantation Society Standards Committee King’s College Hospital, London,(More)
Reports of the prevalence of depression among alcoholics vary from 3% to 98%; the authors attribute this variation to the use of different diagnostic criteria. They used clinical diagnosis, the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale, the Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale, and the MMPI to diagnose 35 men recently withdrawn from alcohol. The percentages of(More)