Chris I . Morse

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This study investigated the contribution of muscle architecture to the differences in the torque–velocity and power–velocity relationships between older (OM n = 9, aged 69–82 years) and younger men (YM n = 15, aged 19–35 years). Plantarflexors’ (PF) maximal isometric and concentric torques were recorded at 0.87, 1.75, 2.62, 3.49 and 4.36 rad s−1.(More)
This study investigated whether loss of power with aging is fully accounted for by a decrease in muscle volume. Triceps surae power and volume (VOL) were measured in 18 older (OM: 69-82 years) and 12 younger men (YM: 19-35 years). Isokinetic peak torque was measured to determine torque-velocity and power-velocity relationships. Both peak power observed(More)
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