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Widespread health service goals to improve consistency and safety in patient care have prompted considerable investment in the development of evidence-based clinical guidelines. Computerised decision support (CDS) systems have been proposed as a means to implement guidelines in practice. This paper discusses the general concept in oncology and presents an(More)
Currently over 95% of children who are diagnosed with Acute Lym-phoblastic Leukaemia in the UK are enrolled into Medical Research Council trials. The trial protocol specifies that following initial treatment there is a 2-3 year maintenance period during which drug dosage decisions are made weekly according to a set of pre-defined rules. These rules are(More)
BACKGROUND A previous trial in Nepal showed that supplementation with vitamin A or its precursor (betacarotene) in women of reproductive age reduced pregnancy-related mortality by 44% (95% CI 16-63). We assessed the effect of vitamin A supplementation in women in Ghana. METHODS ObaapaVitA was a cluster-randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial(More)
The treatment of a child with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) requires the collaboration of multiple providers across different organisations. We describe the implementation of a clinical information system for supporting collaborative care in the management of children with ALL. The system integrates the provision of patient data and clinical(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the acceptability to clinicians of a web-based decision support system designed to assist with dosage adjustments during maintenance therapy for childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL), and to evaluate the potential impact of the system on decision-making and dosage calculations. DESIGN Balanced-block crossover experiment with(More)
PURPOSE This study investigated the trade-off in tumor coverage and organ-at-risk sparing when applying dose escalation for concurrent chemoradiation therapy (CRT) of mid-esophageal cancer, using radiobiological modeling to estimate local control and normal tissue toxicity. METHODS AND MATERIALS Twenty-one patients with mid-esophageal cancer were selected(More)
Recent actions on the new Energy Bill have created long term optimism for ethanol. But what can be expected for ethanol pricing and profitability for 2008? No one knows for sure, of course, but the reason for this note is to highlight some of the issues key to determining what might happen with ethanol pricing in 2008. Again, while long run prospects for(More)
BACKGROUND Results of randomised controlled trials of newborn (age 1-3 days) vitamin A supplementation have been inconclusive. The WHO is coordinating three large randomised trials in Ghana, India, and Tanzania (Neovita trials). We present the findings of the Neovita trial in Ghana. METHODS This study was a population-based, individually randomised,(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY We wanted to determine the anatomical features of the inferior hypogastric plexus (IHP), and the useful landmarks for a safe surgical approach during pelvic surgery. MATERIALS AND METHODS We dissected the IHP in 22 formolized female anatomical subjects, none of which bore any stigmata of subumbilical surgery. RESULTS The inferior(More)