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Currently over 95% of children who are diagnosed with Acute Lym-phoblastic Leukaemia in the UK are enrolled into Medical Research Council trials. The trial protocol specifies that following initial treatment there is a 2-3 year maintenance period during which drug dosage decisions are made weekly according to a set of pre-defined rules. These rules are(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the acceptability to clinicians of a web-based decision support system designed to assist with dosage adjustments during maintenance therapy for childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL), and to evaluate the potential impact of the system on decision-making and dosage calculations. DESIGN Balanced-block crossover experiment with(More)
Recent actions on the new Energy Bill have created long term optimism for ethanol. But what can be expected for ethanol pricing and profitability for 2008? No one knows for sure, of course, but the reason for this note is to highlight some of the issues key to determining what might happen with ethanol pricing in 2008. Again, while long run prospects for(More)
using crops for fuel creates concerns over competition with food uses and raises the question of how far along that path the U.S. and the rest of the world can move. The answer is complex and will involve many global food and energy markets. Considerations include both the amount of crops to be converted to biofuels as well as how quickly the world's crop(More)
PURPOSE This study investigated the trade-off in tumor coverage and organ-at-risk sparing when applying dose escalation for concurrent chemoradiation therapy (CRT) of mid-esophageal cancer, using radiobiological modeling to estimate local control and normal tissue toxicity. METHODS AND MATERIALS Twenty-one patients with mid-esophageal cancer were selected(More)
PURPOSE Planning studies to compare x-ray and proton techniques and to select the most suitable technique for each patient have been hampered by the nonequivalence of several aspects of treatment planning and delivery. A fair comparison should compare similarly advanced delivery techniques from current clinical practice and also assess the robustness of(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate delays in first and third dose diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP1 and DTP3) vaccination in low-birth-weight infants in Ghana, and the associated determinants. METHODS We used data from a large, population-based vitamin A trial in 2010-2013, with 22 955 enrolled infants. We measured vaccination rate and maternal and infant(More)
PURPOSE Using radiobiological modelling to estimate normal tissue toxicity, this study investigates the effects of dose escalation for concurrent chemoradiation therapy (CRT) in lower third oesophageal tumours on the stomach. METHODS AND MATERIALS 10 patients with lower third oesophageal cancer were selected from the SCOPE 1 database (ISCRT47718479) with(More)
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