Chris Hunter

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CD4+ T cells with a block in the NF-kappaB signaling pathway exhibit decreases in Th1 responses and diminished nuclear levels of multiple transactivating NF-kappaB/Rel/IkappaB proteins. To determine the lineage-intrinsic contributions of these transactivators to Th differentiation, T cells from mice deficient in specific subunits were cultured in exogenous(More)
In this paper, we present a framework for Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol development and performance evaluation. The framework, developed for the Rice University Wireless Open-Access Research Platform (WARP), allows us to interface a large class of medium access protocols with custom physical layer (PHY) implementations, thereby providing a flexible(More)
The inner membrane complex (IMC), a series of flattened vesicles at the periphery of apicomplexan parasites, is thought to be important for parasite shape, motility and replication, but few of the IMC proteins that function in these processes have been identified. TgPhIL1, a Toxoplasma gondii protein that was previously identified through photosensitized(More)
Yeast two-hybrid analysis (Fields and Song, 1989, Nature, 340:245-246) was used to screen a human heart library to isolate proteins interacting with the adult muscle-specific beta1D integrin but not with beta1A integrin. In addition to previously identified interactions (RACK 1(Liliental and Chang, 1998, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 273:2379-2383) and(More)
The flexible interface between the medium access layer and the custom physical layer of the Rice University Wireless Open-Access Research Platform (WARP) provides a high performance research tool for clean-slate cross layer designs. As we target a community platform, we have implemented various basic PHY and MAC technologies over WARP. Moreover, we are(More)