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Inflammation is an umbrella feature of ageing. It is present in the aged retina and many retinal diseases including age-related macular degeneration (AMD). In ageing and in AMD mitochondrial function declines. In normal ageing this can be manipulated by brief exposure to 670 nm light on the retina, which increases mitochondrial membrane potential and(More)
The growing need for Internet friendly streaming protocols prompted us to develop IFTP (Internet Friendly Transport Protocol). IFTP is a protocol with an inherent rate-based flow control mechanism designed to emulate TCP's window-based flow control mechanism. In this paper, we present two proposals to improve the performance of IFTP in networks with(More)
Arctic reindeer experience extreme changes in environmental light from continuous summer daylight to continuous winter darkness. Here, we show that they may have a unique mechanism to cope with winter darkness by changing the wavelength reflection from their tapetum lucidum (TL). In summer, it is golden with most light reflected back directly through the(More)
Ageing is an irreversible cellular decline partly driven by failing mitochondrial integrity. Mitochondria accumulate DNA mutations and reduce ATP production necessary for cellular metabolism. This is associated with inflammation. Near-infrared exposure increases retinal ATP in old mice via cytochrome c oxidase absorption and reduces inflammation. Here, we(More)
  • Chris Hogg, Magella Neveu, Lars Folkow, Karl-Arne Stokkan, Jaimie Hoh Kam, Ron H. Douglas +1 other
  • 2015
The mammalian visual range is approximately 400-700 nm, although recent evidence suggests varying ultraviolet (UV) extensions in diverse terrestrial species. UV sensitivity may have advantages in the dim, blue light shifted environment experienced by submerged marine mammals. It may also be advantageous when seals are on land as UV is reflected by snow and(More)
The avoidance by mammals and ground-nesting birds of habitat up to several kilometers from high-voltage power lines is a major consequence of infrastructure development in remote areas, but the behavior is perplexing because suspended cables are neither an impenetrable physical barrier nor associated with human traffic (e. may persist >3 decades after(More)
AIMS To report the first three studies with SCH 900435, a selective glycine-1 re-uptake inhibitor in development for treating schizophrenia, using systematic evaluations of pharmacodynamics to understand the observed effects. METHODS Three double-blind, placebo-controlled studies (single, visual effect and multiple dose) were performed. In the single and(More)
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