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Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a highly prevalent and globally distributed virus. CMV infection in healthy adults is usually asymptomatic or causes a mild mononucleosis-like syndrome. CMV disease causes significant morbidity and mortality in neonates and severely immunocompromised adults. CMV disease can present with a wide range of manifestations, with colitis(More)
This study investigated whether women with cardiovascular disease (CVD) would have an increased risk of fractures as osteoporosis and CVD share many common risk factors. From February 2006 to January 2007, 17,033 women aged ≥50 years (mean 71.8, range 50–106) were recruited by 1,248 primary care practitioners and interviewed by trained nurses. For each(More)
PURPOSE We analyzed the smoke plume produced by various energy-based laparoscopic instruments and determined its effect on laparoscopic visibility. MATERIALS AND METHODS The Bipolar Macroforceps, Harmonic Scalpel, Floating Ball, and Monopolar Shears were applied in vitro to porcine psoas muscle. An Aerodynamic Particle Sizer and Electrostatic Classifier(More)
OBJECTIVES To ascertain what general practitioners' priorities are for achieving optimal outcomes in people with asthma, and the barriers they face in delivering this care. DESIGN A qualitative study using the Nominal Group Technique (a highly structured meeting to gain information from experts about a particular issue) was conducted between August 2002(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Dyspneic emergency department (ED) patients present a diagnostic dilemma. Recent technologic advances have made it possible to capture information about pathologic heart sounds at ECG recording. This study evaluates the effect of an S3 captured by acoustic cardiography on emergency physician diagnostic accuracy and confidence in their(More)
BACKGROUND Anaphylaxis is not uncommon in Australia, representing the most severe form of allergy. It is most likely to be triggered by food with the most common allergen being peanuts. It constitutes a medical emergency that requires a rapid medical response. OBJECTIVE This article aims to provide an overview of anaphylaxis--its prevalence, causes,(More)
We report successful palliative treatment of an Aspergillus fumigatus orbital mass in a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome by direct injection of amphotericin B into the abscess cavity. This case presents intraorbital injection of amphotericin B as an alternative to surgical debridement of Aspergillus orbital infection. In patients who are(More)
AIM To describe the care delivered by village birth attendants in a remote area of Papua New Guinea. METHOD A qualitative study using semistructured interviews with 56 voluntary village birth attendants. RESULTS Village birth attendants supervise and assist women with labour and delivery. Many have additional roles in their community. Most are motivated(More)
During a crisis, emergency responders must rapidly integrate information from many separate sources to satisfy their role-specific needs and to make time-sensitive decisions. Responders currently receive this information through numerous software applications and face the challenge of integrating this heterogeneous data into an all-encompassing picture.(More)