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This article presents a near real-time processing solution using MapReduce and Hadoop. The solution is aimed at some of the data management and processing challenges facing the life sciences community. Research into genes and their product proteins generates huge volumes of data that must be extensively preprocessed before any biological insight can be(More)
1. Introduction This is, by all accounts, the Age of Information. Most people who know that there is such a thing as a theory of information know, or think they know, that in the classic paper 15] Claude Shannon bequeathed to us the One True Theory of information. But anyone who has carefully read this paper knows that Shannon did no such thing. It must not(More)
1. Introduction In this paper I discuss a number of \entropies" which have deenitions which are respectively probabilistic, topological, algebraic, and algorithmic. I shall explain how these entropies are all deened in the setting of shift dynamical systems. The main result of the paper, which should be regarded as part of the folklore, is the fact that for(More)
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