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Appendix A 71 Notes 74 References 76 CPRN Funding Sources 80 v Foreword We all complain there is too much to do, though most of us thrive on being busy. The question is when does the pace of life reach a point where it affects the quality of life and the quality of our performance at work and at home? Over the past seven years, CPRN's Work Network has been(More)
Despite the general consensus regarding the critical role of top management in the information systems (ISs) implementation process, the literature has not yet provided a clear and compelling understanding of the top management support (TMS) concept. Applying metastructuring (Orlikowski et al., 1995) as a guiding framework for understanding TMS behaviors,(More)
Search tactics are cognitive processes, or decision mechanisms, that organisms use to locate available resources such as food, mates, refugia, and high-quality habitats. However, our knowledge of the actual tactics that animals use while searching for resources is limited, and very little empirical evidence has been accumulated. Therefore, we developed a(More)
Ecological and evolutionary theories have focused traditionally on natural processes with little attempt to incorporate anthropogenic influences despite the fact that humans are such an integral part of virtually all ecosystems. A series of alternate models that incorporated anthropogenic factors and traditional ecological mechanisms of invasion to account(More)