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Modern smartphones contain a number of sensors that can be used for navigation when GPS signals are unavailable. Low cost MEMS gyros and accelerometers are increasingly becoming available in modern devices, however when used for positioning, they typically result in large errors after very short periods of time. This paper investigates using measurements(More)
He has been working with GNSS and integrated systems for over 10 years. Tom Botterill obtained his MA degree in Maths and Computer Science at Cambridge University in 2005 and is and is currently studying towards a PhD with the He has over 18 years R&D experience in the area of hardware and software development in signal processing and sensor integration. He(More)
This paper proposes an integration of 'building heading' information with ZUPT in a Kalman filter, using a shoe mounted IMU approach. This is done to reduce heading drift error, which remains a major problem in a standalone shoe mounted pedestrian navigation system. The standalone system used in this paper consists of only single low cost MEMS IMU that(More)
(ATMG) at Imperial. His work focuses on the development of methodologies and technologies to improve the efficiency and safety of air transport and to minimise aviation's impacts on the environment. In regard to PNS, his main contributions are in the domain of intelligent integrity monitoring, specifically for precision landings and airport surface(More)
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