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—In this work, we have designed and implemented new algorithms and mechanisms that allow Hadoop-based applications to request and provision Hadoop clusters across multiple cloud domains and link them via bandwidth-provisioned network pipes – " on-demand " provisioning of Hadoop clusters on multi-domain networked clouds. Our prototype implementation used an(More)
Embedding virtual topologies in physical network infrastructure has been an area of active research for the future Internet and network testbeds. Virtual network embedding is also useful for linking virtual compute clusters allocated from cloud providers. Using advanced networking technologies to interconnect distributed cloud sites is a promising way to(More)
NSF's GENI program seeks to enable experiments that run within virtual network topologies built-to-order from testbed infrastructure offered by multiple providers (domains). GENI is often viewed as a network testbed integration effort, but behind it is an ambitious vision for multi-domain infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). This paper presents ExoGENI, a(More)
—This paper describes the experience of developing a system for creation of distributed linked configurations of heterogeneous resources (slices) in GENI. Our work leverages a number of unique architectural solutions (distributed architecture , declarative resource specifications, unique approach to slice instantiation) which is applicable to a wider set of(More)
Large research programs have been launched to address both the development of Future Internet architectures as well as suitable experimental facilities for testing. Recent research activities on experimental facilities try to share resources across organizational boundaries. This paper introduces an international cooperation effort on interconnecting(More)
Due to the economy of scale of Ethernet networks and available dynamic circuit capability from the major national research and educational networks, VLAN (Virtual LAN) based virtual networking solution has been successfully adopted in some advanced distributed cloud systems. However, there are two major constraints in this adaptation: (1) dynamic circuit(More)
It is essential for distributed data-intensive applications to monitor the performance of the underlying network, storage and computational resources. Increasingly, distributed applications need performance information from multiple aggregates, and tools need to take real-time steering decisions based on the performance feedback. With increasing scale and(More)
—In this paper, we study the problem of provisioning large-scale virtual clusters over federated clouds connected by multi-domain, layer-2 wide area networks. We first present the virtual cluster request abstraction and the abstraction models for substrate resource pools. Based on these two abstraction models, we developed a novel layer-2 exchange mechanism(More)
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