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effort on revising my paper. I would also like to thank Dr. their excellence in handling all of my administrative needs. I would like to thank fellow graduate students Philip Williams, Nick Rogers, and Reid Miller for their help on this project along with Mr. Richard Hallman for his help at the Edisto REC completing the research. The research work would not(More)
Conventional ultrasound has well known short comings in the detection and characterisation of focal liver lesions. A false negative rate of up to 30% has been quoted in the detection of liver metastases and its accuracy in the characterisation of focal liver lesions is poor compared to computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR). Ultrasound(More)
In "CHAPPiE", a unique action sci-fi comedy by Director Neill Blomkamp, the lead actor is a digitally created childlike robot who conveys a rich array of emotions as he interacts with the human characters around him. In this session, supervisors from Image Engine reveal how a small production team brought CHAPPiE to life, delivering nearly 1000 shots and(More)
New Algorithms for Automated Astrometry 2004 In the 'lost-in-space' astronomy problem we are asked to identify the orientation and field-of-view of an image of the sky by matching stars in an image to stars in a catalog. In this work we present two solutions to the problem. In the first approach we reduce an image to coarse positional information(More)
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