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The problem we are addressing in Alvey Project MMI149 is that of using computer vision to understand the unconstrained 3D world, in which the viewed scenes will in general contain too wide a diversity of objects for topdown recognition techniques to work. For example, we desire to obtain an understanding of natural scenes, containing roads, buildings,(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) Model-Based Vision enables observed image features to be used to determine the pose (ie. position and attitude) of a known 3D object with respect to the camera (or alternatively, the viewpoint of the camera with respect to the model) [1]. The knowledge concerning the object that is used to perform Model-Based Vision is the 3D(More)
The cacao bean harvest from the relatively under developed tropical tree cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) is subject to high losses in potential production due to pests and diseases. To discover and understand the stability of putative natural resistance mechanisms in this commodity crop, essential for chocolate production, we undertook a gene-discovery program(More)
Dynamic movements of the hand, fingers, and thumb are difficult to measure due to the versatility and complexity of movement inherent in function. An innovative approach to measuring hand kinematics is proposed and validated. The proposed system utilizes the Microsoft Kinect and goes beyond gesture recognition to develop a validated measurement technique of(More)
Advanced modeling and simulation has enabled the design of a variety of innovative products and the analysis of numerous complex phenomenon. However, significant barriers exist to widespread adoption of these tools. In particular, advanced modeling and simulation: (1) is considered complex to use, (2) needs in-house expertise, and (3) requires high capital(More)
Australia is contributing to the next generation radio telescope, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), which will have a collecting area of one million square metres. The SKA will be a digital radio telescope that will rely on high-speed data communications for routine global electronic transmission of VLBI data and some traditional analog stages will be(More)