Chris Gordon

Virginijus Valiunas3
Louise Honikel2
Montree Tungjai2
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A key aspect of neuromuscular synapse formation is the clustering of muscle acetylcholine receptors (AChR) at synaptic sites in response to neurally secreted agrin. Agrin-induced AChR clustering in cultured myotubes proceeds via the initial formation of small microclusters, which then aggregate to form AChR clusters. Here we show that the coupling of agrin(More)
Defects that occur during the construction process account for a large percentage of overall defects in the built environment. Defects waste time and money, and affect the overall performance of the built environment. These problems can be minimized with proactive application of advanced scanners, sensing, and data modelling techniques. Researchers in the(More)
Cellular delivery of small interfering RNAs to target cells of a tissue has the potential to travel by two intercellular pathways. For intimately apposed cells gap junctions allow transport exclusive of the extracellular space. For cells not in intimate contact, exocytotic release of vesicular contents and subsequent retrieval via endocytosis of exosomes(More)
Longitudinal resistance is a key factor in determining cardiac action potential propagation. Action potential conduction velocity has been shown to be proportional to the square root of longitudinal resistance. A major determinant of longitudinal resistance in myocardium is the gap junction channel, comprised connexin proteins. Within the ventricular(More)
  • Kanokporn Noy Rithidech, Montree Tungjai, Louise Honikel, Chris Gordon, Xianyin Lai, Frank Witzmann
  • 2014
It has been well recognized that exposure to space radiation is a major challenge to space exploration. To protect astronauts in space environments, improvement in our knowledge of radiation-induced changes in specific target cells that may affect the health of astronauts is required. Cancer of blood cells, in particular myeloid leukemia (ML), is one of the(More)
  • Kanokporn Noy Rithidech, Montree Tungjai, Witawat Jangiam, Louise Honikel, Chris Gordon, Xianyin Lai +5 others
  • 2015
Myeloid leukemia (ML) is one of the major health concerns from exposure to radiation. However, the risk assessment for developing ML after exposure to space radiation remains uncertain. To reduce the uncertainty in risk prediction for ML, a much increased understanding of space radiation-induced changes in the target cells, i.e., hematopoietic(More)
4-phenylbutyrate (4-PB) has been shown to increase the protein content in a number of cells types. One such protein is Connexin43 (Cx43). We show here that 4-phenylbutyrate exposure results in significantly elevated cell to cell coupling, as determined by dual whole cell patch clamp. Incubation with 5 mM 4PB for 24 h or more nearly doubles junctional(More)
The primary purpose of this study was to determine the accuracy of tibial cortical thickness measurements derived from peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) with analysis based on the circular ring model, using high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography (HR-pQCT) (isotopic voxel size of 82 μm) as a gold standard. The secondary(More)
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