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According to the usual formulation of the automatic programming task, one starts with a specification of a programming problem, and seeks to automatically construct a program satisfying that specification. This paper concerns a different style of automatic programming. Rather than defining the class of programming problems to be dealt with by the language(More)
A programming language is described which is built within RDF. Its code, functions, and classes are formalized as RDF resources. Programs may be expressed directly using standard RDF syntax, or via a conventional JavaScript–based syntax. RDF constitutes not only the means of expression, but also the subject matter of programs: the native objects and classes(More)
A proof of Vx3yrp(x,y) can serve as a description of an algorithm which satisfies the specification given by ¢p. A variety of techniques from proof theory may be used to execute such a proof that is, to take the proof and a value for x, and compute a value for y such that ~p(x,y) holds. Proofs differ from ordinary programs in that they formalize information(More)
Preliminary analysis of radar altimeter data indicates that the instrument has met its specifications for measuring spacecraft height above the ocean surface (+/- 10 centimeters) and significant wave height (+/- 0.5 meter). There is ample evidence that the radar altimeter, having undergone development through three earth orbit missions [Skylab, Geodynamics(More)
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