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1. Although it is well known that the microvessels of the skin constantly undergo spontaneous variations in volume, the significance of these rhythmic changes remains uncertain. 2. In 10 healthy males and in 15 patients in intensive care, we assessed the origin of the autonomic influences on spontaneous fluctuations in the microcirculation of the skin,(More)
OBJECTIVE Circulating endotoxin impairs the sympathetic regulation of the cardiovascular system in animals. We studied the changes in the autonomic control of the heart and circulation during septic shock in humans. DESIGN 12 patients (age 43.0 +/- 6, 17-83 years) were investigated during septic shock (mean duration: 3.5 +/- 0.5 days) and during recovery,(More)
Sympathetic and parasympathetic activity was evaluated on 39 occasions in 17 patients with the sepsis syndrome, by measurement of the variation in resting heart rate using frequency spectrum analysis. Heart rate was recorded by electrocardiography and respiratory rate by impedance plethysmography. The sepsis syndrome was established on the basis of(More)
We surveyed bronchial microflora by alternate-day, non-directed bronchial lavage (NBL) in 150 patients requiring mechanical ventilation on an intensive care unit. This simple technique uses a 20 ml non-bronchoscopic lung lavage, then quantitative bacterial culture. NBL bacteriological findings were identical to those obtained by same-day bronchoscopic(More)
BACKGROUND Sepsis continues to be a major cause of death, disability, and health-care expenditure worldwide. Despite evidence suggesting that host genetics can influence sepsis outcomes, no specific loci have yet been convincingly replicated. The aim of this study was to identify genetic variants that influence sepsis survival. METHODS We did a(More)
The derivation of anaerobic threshold (AT) from the ventilatory responses to incremental exercise is associated with several sources of variability including true biological variability and the error attributable to the observer interpretation of data. To define and quantitate the sources of variability in AT determination we exercised 6 healthy volunteers(More)
Four volunteers with naturally acquired, culture-proved influenza A infection inhaled a radiolabeled aerosol to permit investigation of lung mucociliary clearance mechanisms during and after symptomatic illness. Mucus transport in the trachea was undetectable when monitored with an external multidetector probe within 48 hours of the onset of the illness,(More)
Nitric oxide is too short-lived to measure in vivo, but its production can be estimated by measuring its stable oxidation products, nitrites and nitrates, in serum. Renal elimination of these ions has been demonstrated, but the effect of renal function on their concentrations in serum is currently unknown. We evaluated serum and urine nitrates + nitrites as(More)
Most deaths from acute asthma occur outside hospital, but the at-risk patient may be recognised on the basis of prior ICU admission and asthma medication history. Patients who fail to improve significantly in the emergency department should be admitted to an HDU or ICU for observation, monitoring, and treatment. Hypoxia, dehydration, acidosis, and(More)