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P. Abrams , K.E. Andersson, L. Birder, L. Brubaker, L. Cardozo, C. Chapple, A. Cottenden, W. Davila, D. de Ridder, R. Dmochowski, M. Drake, C. DuBeau, C. Fry, P. Hanno, J. Hay Smith, S. Herschorn, G. Hosker, C. Kelleher, H. Koelbl, S. Khoury,* R. Madoff, I. Milsom, K. Moore, D. Newman, V. Nitti, C. Norton, I. Nygaard, C. Payne, A. Smith, D. Staskin, S.(More)
Increased gap junction expression in lamina propria myofibroblasts and urothelial cells may be involved in detrusor overactivity, leading to incontinence. Immunohistochemistry was used to compare connexin (Cx) 26, 43, and 45 expression in the bladders of neonatal, adult, and spinal cord-transected rats, while optical imaging was used to map the spread of(More)
This study examined the origin of spontaneous activity in neonatal and adult rat bladders and the effect of stretch and muscarinic agonists and antagonists on spontaneous activity. Rats were anesthetized and their bladders were excised, cannulated, and loaded with voltage- and Ca(2+)-sensitive dyes. Intracellular Ca(2+) and membrane potential transients(More)
The urothelium is a multifunctional tissue that not only acts as a barrier between the vesical contents of the lower urinary tract and the underlying tissues but also acts as a sensory organ by transducing physical and chemical stresses to the attendant afferent nervous system and underlying smooth muscle. This review will consider the nature of the(More)
1. The passive and active electrical parameters of frog ventricular myocardium have been measured. 2. The cytoplasmic resistivity has been determined by following changes in the resistance of a micro-electrode on penetration of a cell. 3. Unidimensional cable analysis using direct and alternating currents revealed the presence of a single time constant(More)
In sheep and calf ventricular bundles, increasing the internal calcium by increasing the frequency of voltage-clamping to plateau range potentials increased the time-independent outward current. This effect was more marked with higher [Ca]o, and was reduced if the Ca current blockers Verapamil or D 600 were used. 2. If the internal Ca was increased by the(More)
1. Respiratory and metabolic acid-base changes caused similar steady-state changes in the contractility of cardiac ventricular muscle, but the rate of response was more rapid with the former intervention. 2. Variations in extracellular pCO2 and [HCO3-] at constant pH caused only a transient change in contractility. 3. An intracellular pH change can describe(More)
The urothelium separates the urinary tract lumen from underlying tissues of the tract wall. Previously considered as merely an effective barrier between these two compartments it is now recognized as a more active tissue that senses and transduces information about physical and chemical conditions within the urinary tract, such as luminal pressure, urine(More)
Net calcium exchange has been measured in a suspension of cardiac myocytes after treatment with digitonin. The exchange is believed to be across the mitochondrial membranes and can be stimulated or inhibited by agents augmenting or blocking mitochondrial electron transport. The uptake of calcium shows a strong dependence on suspension pCa but is not evident(More)