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Considerable effort has been spent documenting correlations between dioecy and various ecological and morphological traits for the purpose of testing hypotheses about conditions that favor dioecy. The data analyzed in these studies, with few exceptions, come from local floras, within which it was possible to contrast the subsets of dioecious and(More)
Tropical peatlands contain one of the largest pools of terrestrial organic carbon, amounting to about 89,000 teragrams (1 Tg is a billion kilograms). Approximately 65 per cent of this carbon store is in Indonesia, where extensive anthropogenic degradation in the form of deforestation, drainage and fire are converting it into a globally significant source of(More)
Peatlands represent a vast store of global carbon. Observations of rapidly rising dissolved organic carbon concentrations in rivers draining peatlands have created concerns that those stores are beginning to destabilize. Three main factors have been put forward as potential causal mechanisms, but it appears that two alternatives--warming and increased river(More)
The optical absorption of pure liquid water in the 300-700-nm region has been measured by use of a long (1.5-m) path-length cell. The absorption spectrum coincides well with the edge of previous data in the 200-320-nm region and provides reliable data in the 320-420-nm region that has until now been a region of considerable unreliability. The data obtained(More)
Although measured rates of biological degradation of DOC are typically low under dark conditions, it is assumed that water samples must be analysed soon after collection to provide an accurate measure of DOC concentration and UV-visible absorbance. To examine the impact of storage on DOC quality and quantity, we took water samples from an ombrotrophic(More)
The Open University's repository of research publications and other research outputs The effect of peatland drainage and rewetting (ditch blocking) on extracellular enzyme activities and water chemistry Journal Article C. (2015). The effect of peatland drainage and rewetting (ditch blocking) on extracellular enzyme activities and water chemistry. Soil Use(More)