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In this thesis we prove the following two basic statements in linear algebra. Let B be an arbitrary × matrix where ≥ and suppose 0 < < 1 is given. 1. Spectral Sparsification. There is a nonnegative diagonal matrix S × with at most / 2 nonzero entries for which (1 −) 2 BB T BSB T (1 +) 2 BB T. Thus the spectral behavior of BB T is captured by a weighted(More)
Atherosclerosis is an inflammatory condition of the arterial wall mediated by cells of both innate and adaptive immunity. T lymphocytes play an important role in orchestrating the pathogenic immune response involved in the acceleration of atherosclerosis. Previously, we have shown that a prenatal methyl-donor supplementation diet (MS), when fed to dams(More)
Frequently used in a command line interface, the diff command has been used for nearly 40 years as a file comparison tool [1]. In this study, we test the effectiveness of the diff command line tool as a way to preview changes for different actions, or as a patch. We specifically look at the effectiveness in regards to selective undo: a manner of undoing(More)
Where I am going is a world where all interaction with our fellow man is entirely voluntary, where you no longer need to rely on government to settle disputes. In fact, decentralized technologies will make governments entirely irrelevant, ineffective at being able to do anything. Because we now have the ability to communicate with everyone in the world and(More)
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