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Modulated (frequency-domain) infrared photothermal radiometry (PTR) is used as a dynamic quantitative dental inspection tool complementary to modulated luminescence (LM) to quantify sound enamel or dentin. A dynamic high-spatial-resolution experimental imaging setup, which can provide simultaneous measurements of laser-induced modulated PTR and LM signals(More)
Agitation, restlessness, and aggression are frequent neurobehavioural sequelae in the early stages of recovery from traumatic brain injury (TBI). These behavioural symptoms disrupt patient care and impede rehabilitation efforts. We review the current literature (1985 onwards) examining the pharmacological management of post-TBI agitation in both acute and(More)
Coupled resonator filters designed using a single-layer coupler require coupling materials with an acoustic impedance less than 5.0 MRayl. Carbon-doped oxide, with an acoustic impedance of 4.8 MRayl and an acoustic attenuation of 200 to 600 dB/cm at 1 GHz, can be used as a single-layer coupler to produce a competitive 2-stage coupled resonator filter for(More)
A three-dimensional theory of the frequency-domain thermal-wave field generated inside a turbid medium with optical and thermal properties of human tissue is presented. The optical source is treated as a three-dimensional harmonically modulated diffuse-photon-density wave (DPDW) field in the diffusion approximation of the radiative transfer theory. Unlike(More)
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